Executive Summary

Tagbescon Limited is incorporated by a group of self-willed talented Nigerians specializing in providing integrated services related to the telecommunicationprofessional project management, Human capacity development, procurement and general contracting. We are duly registered with all relevant agencies in Nigeria.

The wind of change is affecting the global industry. The Nigerian industry is not an exception. These changes are due to many factors viz: liberation of policies, cost optimization and globalization. The fallout of these developments is the increasing need for prompt effective service delivery while cutting down on physical locations, logistics, overhead cost and exploring other areas of cooperation.
Initially, the goal was telecoms engineering supports and supplies. Today with effective implementation of first class communication systems and transfer of technology TNL management have brace its deliverable to include professional project management advisory, human capacity development, procurement and logistics of general services.


It is the policy of Tagbescon Ltd to carry out its business in an ethical and socially responsible manner that guarantees efficient, effective, safe, cost-effective and quality provision of good hygiene, Environmental aesthetic and standards that meets the precise prescription of our client and the host community. Our strategic objectives include but not limited to the following:

  • To ensure zero (0) fatality
  • To provide at all times excellent, quality and acceptable Environmental safety services to all stakeholders, investors, clients, communities, staff and the general public.
  • To take pro-active measures that brings creative and innovative services to our clients and host communities.
  • To ensure strict compliance to environmental and safety policies and standards during operation
  • To recruit, train and deploy highly specialized skilled and professional personnel that can compete favorably with regards to the present State of The Art Technology in Environmental safety operations.
  • To ensure permanent partial disability (PPD) free operations.



Keen on excellence to our customers, our service deliverable must be consistently of the highest quality obtainable. We ensure our customers’ needs are met and exceeded, where possible, demonstrating our professionalism and experience in our areas of operations. Quality is the commitment of every one in Tagbescon Ltd

These quality objectives shall be achieved through:

  • Prompt provisions of information and / or services to our client (internal and external).
  • Priority attention to customer satisfaction, through articulated consideration and confirmation of customers’ needs and expectations.

Create conducive working environment for our employees through:

  • Commitment to quality
  • Mutual trust, respect and love
  • Team work
  • Continuous improvement (personnel processes)
  • Breaking down barriers, (horizontal and vertical)
  • Compliance with National and International Standards (Health, Safety and Environmental protection regulations).
  • Recognition and celebration of individual or team achievements or innovations to our business processes.
  • Measure the efficiency of our processes and ability to meet our customer’s requirements and expectations.
  • Avoid any position of conflict of interest.
  • Accept only works for which we have the competence and professionalism.
  • Help employees identify, pursue and improve the quality of their work, thus optimizing the company; resources to achieve optimum quality.
  • Identify shortcomings and take necessary corrective actions promptly.
  • Ensure adequate communication interface with customers to identify complaints before they become problems.
  • Treat our customers as partners in progress.



Our operations are carried out in compliance with the ISO 9001 quality management systems. We are therefore capable of using experience and expertise to ensure projects are executed in accordance with established quality management principles and systems. This gives confidence that project deliverables are not only achieved, but meet owner’s requirements and specifications on schedule. We will establish or cause the contractor(s) to establish a project quality plan consistent with the owner’s operations, procedures and organizational quality organization. This will be achieved through trained Quality Auditors.


TNL is committed to pursuing the goals of no harm to people and protecting the environment. Protecting the environment in which all her employees work; actively demonstrate our commitment to HSSE and the security & safety to our personnel; thus acting as a role model in promoting best safety practices in the industry. We recognize that managing HEALTH, SAFETY, ENVIRONMENT and SECURITY matters to the standard expected in accordance to lay down principles & code of conduct for business activities; and also Promoting an essential methods to support sustainable development, helps to earn us the confidence of our esteemed customers, shareholders and the entire society. The above policies are fully implemented to achieve:

  • Continuous improvement of our work practices.
  • Comply with all relevant legislation and regulations.
  • Set targets for improvement.
  • Measure, appraise and report our personnel compliance level.
  • Interact with her customers and shareholders for feedback and improvement.
  • Using available materials and energy efficiently and minimizing waste.



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