Procurement & Contracting

Procurement, Supply & General Contracting Services:

TAGBESCON as a workplace, we offer outsourcing, procurement & supply and general service. Our wide range of procurement and supply products include:

  • Electrical equipment and appliances.
  • UPVC & HDPE Ducts.
  • Stationeries & Office equipment.
  • Towers & Masts.
  • Power generating sets and other alternative energy source equipment (Air-conditioners, UPS, Cables (Optical fiber & copper).
  • Personal protective equipment (Safety footwear, Hard hat, Safety vesses, safety sign makers, etc
  • Fire protective equipment

TNL is professionally competent and effective in procurement, supply and maintenance services of :

  • Engineering safety equipment & tools such as Hard-hat, Hand gloves, Safety shoes, Safety signpost, Caution tapes,

  • Supply, installation and maintenance of office and home equipment including computers, printers, stationery, furniture etc.

  • Procurement, supply, installation and maintenance of valves for oil & gas and manufacturing companies.


  • Procurement, installations and maintenance of Automation & Control equipment (Triconex, DCSs,  fire & safety).

  • Supply of professional and competent human resource.

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