The training and development service of TAGBESCON exists to meet this need. We have partnered with many organizations, large and small in all the major industries; Banking, FMCG, Oil & Gas, Professional Services to name a few over the years to design and deliver value enhancing learning experiences that translate into demonstrable improvements in workplace performance. We offer both organization specific training and generalized courses for a variety of job skills, including training for Professional Project Management Skills & Pre-Certification (PMP/CAPM/PRINCE 2), Strategic Management, Entrepreneurial Skills,  Human Resources Management, Soft Skills Management and functional business knowledge in 3 main formats:
  • In-house Training
  • Open Enrolment Courses
  • Development Programs
The techniques used to deliver our training are anchored on accelerated learning, cognitive training methods, practical demonstrations, tests and learning evaluation. This combination of techniques is based on our in-depth understanding of adult learning techniques. Our focus in developing these programs has been rapid translation of knowledge gained into the workplace. We have a robust faculty of facilitators experienced in learning facilitation and technical areas. This team is comprised of both internal (consultants at TAGBESCON) and external (Subject Matter Experts we work with on a regular basis) resource people. This directory defines TAGBESCON‟s Training Courses and their accompanying modules. ion
Our approach to training is based on the facilitation of active learning and reinforcement for better retention and effectiveness. The courses are delivered in workshop format; designed to be highly practical, and facilitated through interactive and adaptive learning techniques which differ substantially from traditional instructor-oriented, class room-based teaching. We work with an understanding of each learner‟s particular needs to „fit‟ training content more appropriately, even in the open courses. This combined with our use of active and accelerated learning, as well cognitive learning methods in training delivery & design, means that we can, and do offer learning interventions that are more impactful than many alternatives available as external training support in Nigeria today. In addition, we lay a strong emphasis on commercial reality and „real world‟ training. And in all courses, we ensure that participants can „see‟ how skills learnt transfer to the workplace right away. Some techniques we apply:
  • Pre-Course Needs Assessments
  • Trainer input
  • Self-analysis questionnaires
  • Pre & Post Tests
  • Individual and syndicate exercises
  • Videos & Role Play
  • Group Work
  • Action planning
  • Post course reinforcements
We are committed to delivering training interventions that are based on your specific learning needs, generate team motivation, commitment and result in tangible value for your business. Our facilitators are as enjoyable as they are experienced. They‟re expert at delivering valuable insights in colorful, interactive learning experiences. To this effect, TAGBESCON is:

 "Transforming Personal & Organizational Performances Through Learning"

We ensure that your objectives are achieved on conclusion of every project. We promise you unrivalled service excellence and guarantee total quality, thus empowering your people to achieve exceptional results in a competitive market.
TNL will bring you up to speed —fast!  "Transforming performance through Transforming performance through learning" Become more versatile, become more valuable. Consider the key key competencies—skills that are essential for success in this environment—and determine where your gaps are. Evaluate your employees and identify which key skill sets they need to acquire. Then, invest in your success and in developing your people. Try one of our recommended courses—try them all! Whichever way you go, TNL training will make you more capable, multifaceted and razor-sharp. So you can weather downturns…win promotions…and and move move your career forward. your career forward.  TNL provides the most complete range of training courses and courses and learning learning learning services available services available Our unrivalled range of training solutions helps people and organizations build their skills to gain real, lasting benefits. The sheer quality of what we do can be experienced at every level, from the professionalism and expertise of our people, through to our innovative solutions and services.

MANAGEMENT AND LEADERSHIP SKILLS to set priorities, delegate, motivate, and develop your people coach them to become top performers and communicate objectives and goals.

CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS to approach problem solving logically, research options, avoid biases and focus on meaningful data to draw the right conclusions—even under pressure


COMMUNICATION SKILLS to get your point across, create a compelling presentation to support your goals and get buy-in for ideas, inspire others to achieve better results and demonstrate emotional intelligence

PROJECT MANAGEMENT SKILLS to grasp the scope and objectives of projects, recognize the roles and responsibilities of others, use PM tools to stay on track and become an effective member of a cross-functional team


COLLABORATION SKILLS so you can value and celebrate differences, build rapport, form alliances and negotiate effectively

FINANCE SKILLS to weigh the dollars-and-cents implications of your decisions—including the ability to build a sound budget and formulate reasonable forecasts

TAGBESCON training and human capacity development portfolio includes the following training programs amongst other:

  • Project Management skills and Certifications (PMP/CAPM, PgPM, FPM, APM, EPM, etc)
  • Buinesss portfolio, Program & Project management training
  • Business Professionals & Leadership training
  • Operational Management & Excellence training
  • Strategic Business Processes Management training
  • Projects, Programs & Portfolio Resources Supply
  • Corporate In-house  Training & Consulting
  • Training the Trainers For Knowledge Transfer program
  • Entrepreneurship  & Business Excellence
  • Strategic Management For Competitive Advantage
  • Corporate Governance Strategies

TAGBESCON TRAINING INSTITUTE provide excellent training, consulting, coaching and customized human capacity development, and is proud to be the training, consultancy and development provider of choice for many top companies. Our products and services include:




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